Hey guys, I have a Randall VD 200 Watt Single Tube combo amp to sell. I need some money for an apartment so unfortunately I have to part ways with it.

I am selling it for three hundred dollars and I am willing to negotiate a lower price if needed.


Not sure what the list price is but I paid around 500 dollars for it at Sam Ash. It is one year old. There is one problem, I played it at high volumes three or four times and something must be wrong with the wiring because randomly the volume will cut down low on you. It's probably a wiring problem. I just left alone because i hardly played it anyway. The amp is in GREAT condition besides that fact. This thing is loud as HELL and it sounds damn good also.

I live in southern virginia (Halifax, Va) and if you are interested, please send me a message.
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thats a overheating prob with that series amps i have one too kinda a pain in the ass
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