So a couple days ago I decided to learn Victor Wootens "U Can't Hold No Groove." I'm just working on the first part right now but for the life of me I can not do the muted notes properly. On the tabs it shows some parts where there would be 2 muted notes on the A string, then 2 on the G string, then A again then G again. Anybody know how he does these in the song? I can't pop the G string fast enough. Thanks a lot guys!

TL;DR: How does Victor Wooten play the muted notes in the first half of "U Can't Hold No Groove"?
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He's Victor Wooten. That's how.

But you can probably look up either someone playing it on YouTube, or a slap lesson. There's also a video of Victor explaining some of his style somewhere. Otherwise, just practice until you can build up that speed.
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Just a guess but he probably uses two seperate fingers to pop the g string and either two flicks of the wrist for the A or a double thump.