Ok well I own a Peavey Transtube Supreme head and I'm running an LTD EC-1000 with EMG 81/60 on it. I'm really wanting to be able to get a creamy, fluid, liquidy kinda lead distortion. BUT i don't know how to get that with this amp. I haven't tried enough pedals though. I've tried a boss SD-1 and the MXR fullbore metal and neither can get me what im looking for at all. So now after all the other pedals ive bought that weren't for distortion reasons and those two im very hesitant to buy another pedal on chance i'll have the same results as the other ones. Is getting a tone really this hard or do I have bad luck? thanks guys
My experience on distortion tone has been "if you can't get it from the amp alone, you're not gonna get it with pedals." That being said the best, most distinct tones I've gotten with pedals have not been with straight distortion pedals, but with my Tube Screamer replica, and a Big Muff from electroharmonix (I think). So maybe think about the 'do I want overdrive, distortion, or fuzz?' question, and go from there.
That creamy, fluid, liquidy kinda distortion you want usually only comes from tube amps in my experience.
And I think the transtube is a hybrid or just solid state. I cant remember. But either way, you gonna have a hard time getting that tone with your amp.
And usually if you dont have a good base tone to start with, pedals are going to help you get a good tone.
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Transtube is a solid state that actually does a decent job at replicating tubes. I think tone examples would probably be pretty helpful as we all interpret things differently. But, with that being said, I would check out the tubescreamer, a Marshall Guv'nor and maybe even a bad monkey or a blues driver. They're all relatively inexpensive and with proper EQ should give you the tone you're looking for (or at least as close to it as you're going to get without tubes)...
EH Metal Muff through the clean channel will get you closer but don't expect a true tube like sound.
If you go to youtube and look up the Brunetti Mercury Box you might find what you're looking for. It's the nicest 'liquid' sounding distortion box I've heard. If that doesn't suit your taste, look up Metal Pedals Hardcore XXX, that's another killer distortion with an awesome built in noise gate that's pretty liquid-esque.

And not to be rude, but there are tons of wonderful distortion boxes out there, you just have to look hard enough. And, unfortunately, save a few, most of the really good ones are a tad pricey.

BUT, that's just my half cent.
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I'm really interested in the Vox Satchurator but I've read really mixed reviews on it, either really bad or really good. I want to get it because I love tones like Satriani and Gilbert but I'm not sure if it's just another crap pedal with someones name on it you know?
SarwTheGreat, try this in your effects loop:

Amp FX Loop send >
Some kind of switch to swith this loop on and off >
Graphic EQ pedal with 800 boosted all the way, 400 boosted a little bit, and the 3.2k boosted a bit (play with these settings to taste) >
Some kind of OD like a Tube Screamer with just a mild boost and adjust tone past 12 o'clock >
Wah pedal cocked in the middle somewhere, sweep this until you hit the sweet spot and leave it
Back to switch >
Back to amp

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