Hi guys

Prs guitars why do u love them?
why do we feel great when we play etc
Why prs and not another make ?
i would absolutely love to see pics of all of your gorgeous prs guitars
check out the prs owners thread. lots of good stuff in there.

tone, playability, versatility and tone would be my reasons.

and bang for the buck, i won't lie, i'm cheap.
The only PRS I ever liked just happens to be the greatest guitar I've ever played. It was the PRS Custom 24 25th Anniversary edition. It was just... right.

I can't explain it. It was just right.
I love my CE22 it just feals right in my hands, it has the lowest action I have ever played, the woods and electronics are top-notch. The body is balanced perfectly. The p/u's are just right for this guitar(DragonII). And it is a darn-right beautifl piece of art. Oh yeah, people Drool over it!!!
Now I like other makes too, like I love my G-400(i know it's not the typical"RAD"guitar) it plays amazing and sounds unreal after my mods,setup.
But I would never sell my PRS for anything, not even another PRS. Just save up and buy another one!!
cause they are some of the highest quality guitars on the market that are still mass distributed to a degree.

sure you can get similar products elsewhere but it might be from a custom builder. chances are a PRS will be the highest quality instrument in almost any guitar store or guitar center.

an besides the quality and tone....they look incredible