The story starts when Jayme "gypsy" Black met Tömmy Thrüst after he auditoned for "LUST" which at the time was a technical metal outfit. After that incarnation of "LUST" fell apart, "Lus‡ Boys" was born from the ashes an a new modus operandi, "Sleaze Rock". Over the next few weeks the two surviving "LUST" members assembled, what some have refered to as "The Ultimate Sleaze Rock Group", Bri "Goat" C'mon on "Heavy Chugging Metal Guitar", Nikki Neon "Craziest ****er Alive", and Benny Blitz "Old Soul of a Crossroads Blues Player When he picks up that six string". As soon as these members were assembled they began their path to damnation.
The rest as we say is history..........

Jayme "Gypsy" Black - Vox
Tömmy Thrüst - Bass
Bri "Goat" C'mon - Guitars
Nikki Neon - Drums
Benny Blitz - Lead Guitars

Live fast, die young, and leave a good lookin corpse