I was trying to fix my intonation on the B string on my IbanezRG350mdx, the note was sharp so I just loosened the bolt and the saddle just flew all the way in to the neck! Now my string is all flopy and I don't know how to return it to normal... When I try to loosen the bolt, I can't push back the saddle to where it was! Someone help please !
You have to loosen the string off with the tuners before adjusting the intonation on a Floyd Rose.
Loosen off the string and you should be fine.
post a picture mate!
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All right I'll post some pics, I just have to figure out how to! Btw my floyd, or edge III as you want to call it, is blocked!
The string is already loosened, when the saddle flew in, the string loosened a lot! Why should I loosen it more? Shouldn't I tune it back to B or will it break ?
You have to loosen it off a fair bit, until its completely slack, otherwise you won't be able to get the saddle back. Then tighten the saddle bolt and you can tune back up.
You can't have any tension in the string when you adjust the intonation on a Floyd, or the saddle will shoot forwards.
Thanks for explaining! It is very loosened now, should I just unscrew the bolt and force it back and then lock it again?
No, set it near where it was, tune, check int, detune, adjust int accordingly, tune, check int, detune, adjust int accordingly, keep doing it until you have it.
Uhm how do I push this thing back? It makes loads of resistance... it's very hard to push back and keep in one place!