I've been looking for some monitors, but now I'm unsure how I'd hook them up.

In my setup, I have an analogue mixer going straight to the mini-jack line-in of my computer, rather than an interface. How can I use monitors in this setup (if I can)?

EDIT: There are two more mini-jack outputs on the back of my computer
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you want to invest in an interface before monitors.

they're really not that expensive. just pick up a fast track or something.
getting an interface will help you get better sound to the computer. and if you get a decent one, they have monitor outputs.

using monitors with your computer like that depends on what those outputs are. if they are just your typical stereo line output and headphone out you might have some issues. you would have to split the stereo signal to go to two different speakers, which they do make cables for. those would then run to the inputs of powered monitors.