Okay, basically I have this:
A guitar
An M-Audio Fast Track USB Interface
FL Studio 8 w./ Sytrus

So, what I'm wondering is if it is possible to channel my guitar through Sytrus, so that the notes I play on the guitar are emulated on Sytrus. It's similar to how you would play it with a MIDI keyboard, but I want to be able to do it with my guitar. Is it possible? If so, how? Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
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No MIDI isn't sound it is data. You guitar dosen't out put MIDI.

I think you can get a MIDI pickup but it really isn't worth it when you can just program notes in a sequencer.
You can't do it in real time, to my knowledge, but many DAWs (Logic does, for one) have a feature or two to detect pitch data in monophonic sources and interpret it as MIDI notation on a piano roll - in Logic this is done via the Audio-To-Score function, so if you didn't mind not being able to play the part in real time with the software instrument, you could technically record a simple part on your guitar (would need to be single notes though, no chords) and then convert it to MIDI pitch data that you could then copy to a track with the software instrument of your choice on.

But yeah, bear in mind that the guitar can be a lot noisier than you think in terms of harmonics and distortion and unwanted resonances/strings ringing out, so you'd have to be able to play the part very cleanly and make sure all the notes were separated as individual notes and not blending together. You'd be better off just working the notes out and then inputting them manually in my opinion.
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