My Not-Entirely-Happy New Guitar Day. I got one of the new-ish thinline Douglas Gravity models from Rondo. Now, the first one I got a few weeks ago, the bridge pickup didn't work, so I sent it back. Just got the replacement, and the volume knob seems a little off.

That is, no matter which way I crank it, I can't discern any noticeable change in overall volume. It never cuts out, for one. *Something* seems to be changing in the sound, some little bit of... something, but I'm not sure what it is. The tone knob is working, for sure, easy enough to figure that out.

Should I start thinking about sending this one back, too (possibly for refund, rather than replacement :/), or have the local guitar tech look at it and see if he can find the problem simply enough, probably for about $20?
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just curious, when using the volume knob, how much distortion are you using? also, when you say the volume never cuts out, do you mean that it never lowers, or that it just doesn't turn the volume off at all even with the volume knob turned to 0?
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I'd send it back and get a refund, after getting 2 with "issues" if your looking for a diecent "budget guitar" look at Guitar Fetish.com the Xavierre's are always getting pretty good reviews and they use a better stock pickup