Hey guys.
I recently had my bass readjusted and restringed. I personally think it sounds great atm, it's a bit hard to judge in this video, since the real life sound is far better, but anyway, I gave it a go so check it out.
The video quality 'should' improve but don't take my word for it (:

Oh and btw, it's a Sterling by Musicman Ray 34 Silverburst. Bought this in the late 2010 since it was a ltd. edition. I just had to own it (:

And please feel free to give me critique and comment on anything you like. All feedback is useful feedback!

I'm getting "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

...oh dear....
Yeah they already took it down ):
I'll be uploading another version of it with a backing track tonight - without vocals though