I paid extra for the tweed case. I'm a sucker for tweed cases.

I would've posted a pic of the whole thing but for some reason the case already has stains on it.
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that guitar is a bit too boxy for my liking, but to each his own

New glass [slide] day! I had been wanting one of these for a while, and I found one for a pretty good price. It was hard finding one that fit my big old fingers but this one does the job pretty well. Fits well, slides well. It's a slide; it's not that complicated. I'm still learning how to play with it but it's fun.
Now that you mention it, there was something taking up all the room in the case for my slide.

It's a Carvin Bolt

More accurately, it's their Bolt kit that I finished and assembled. I was looking at getting a Blacktop strat for a while, but then I went for this kit instead because I wanted to "build" something.


Price paid: $535 total ($399 + tax, shipping, and tweed case)

First and foremost, it looks great. I did a crummy job with the painting but you can't really tell from the pictures. I used cheap-ass rattle cans and, sadly, got a cheap-looking result. At least it'll relic up really quickly, and I love relic'd guitars as long as it's real wear. (In fact, it already has a couple of chips in the finish.) I do prefer this headstock over the Stratocaster headstock.

I love, love, LOVE the middle and neck pickups. With a little bit of drive and reverb I get a gorgeous bluesy bite out of the neck pickup, and the middle pickup adds a really... glassy sound. It's hard to describe, but it's great. The bridge pickup is one of Carvin's humbuckers that I really don't care for. It sounds too thin and muddy for my tastes, but I'll be dropping a Seymour Duncan JB in there shortly which should solve my problems. The coil splitter switch is a great addition as well (that's the mini-toggle on there).

The hardware is pretty solid. The tuners are definitely a step up from my LP-100's and the bridge is nice and, uh, bridge-y. I don't have fret buzz issues with this guitar, which is a huge plus.

As far as playability goes, this guitar outshines every Mexican strat I tried by a long shot, and I like it more than the Highway Ones too. I haven't compared it to an American strat, but I wouldn't be surprised if I preferred my Bolt. I've never had a more comfortable neck to play on. It's a 12" radius neck finished with a thin coating of tung-oil, so it has a really visceral feel to it. It's leaps and bounds better than the neck on my old Les Paul 100; although I loved the slim profile neck on it, the finish was too glossy and "sticky" for me. The body is balanced wonderfully, of course, and the weight is just right. The longer scale length compared to a LP really does magic for my big old hands.

Overall, this guitar is definitely a keeper for two reasons. The first reason is that it's a hell of an instrument, and for the price I paid I would've been hard pressed to find a better Fender. Second, I "built" it myself, and so I have a sentimental connection to it. If you're looking for a great guitar at a great price and wouldn't mind putting work into it up front, get one of these kits.
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Haha thanks I'm a firm believer in investing more in an amp than a guitar. But at this point, the balance is off (especially considering I paid $180 for my VK)...

You know what that means

Fender Super-Sonic fund: $0/$1,000
Avatar 2x12 fund: $0/400
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