I've always played straight through my amp a Peavey 6505 112 and have always been satisfied with the distortion it has.

But I've noticed a lot of musicians that play metal have these nice amps Mesas/Peavey/Marshall blah blah blah and they use distortion pedals with them.

Why do they do this? I dont get it cuz the distortion on those amps are already intense.

Do they play with amp distortion AND the pedal distortion? Or keep the amp on clean and just use the pedal?

It depends on the artist - some use it to get an extra edge, so they use the OD channel on the amp and then add a little dirt as needed with the pedal. Others prefer to be able to switch from perfect cleans to absolutely dirty sounds in a snap, and use the pedals for that. In addition, some use pedals instead of the amp distortion to get a more defined tone.
Well if you have the amp clean but a distortion pedal then you can have clean distortion. That basically just means the ROCK sound without fuzz.
Many musicians use an overdrive in front of the amp to enhance the distortion in the amp in different ways (e.g if the OD adds a lot of mids, the amp sounds "tighter" and stuff). It pushes the preamp tubes harder by increasing the signal from the guitar. (with drive low, and volume high on the pedal). I'm not very good at describing this, but try it out.
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Awww cuz i have a Metalzone pedal that i used.... probably 2 times haha and it just sits there so was trying to find some use for it before i sell it. Or maybe trade for an EQ pedal O.o

But yeah.. Ive always wondered this and never made sense why someone would spend 1500 on an amp head and then go buy a 100 dollar pedal for the amp
it depends, for having intense distortion is not everything. it could be distorted as all hell, but have no articulation, no definition to the notes, or no sustain or really muddy low end or too much fizz on the high end or whatever. for example i might be playing a JCM800 or something, and for leads, it might not sustain enough or whatever, and so a tube screamer or something to that effect gives you that little extra bit that the amp can't. sometimes you can also get a quieter tone (less hiss and humming and stuff in the background) by turning down the amp gain and using a pedal, though these things all depend on the combination of gear. and finally there are some tones you can only get by combining a pedal with an amp, like blending to different tones to get one that is totally unique and possibly unachievable with just an amp. for example, Eric Johnson's tone on "Cliffs of Dover" is a combination of an overdrive pedal and a Marshall amp.
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I'd say most people don't use distortion pedals as the main source of distortion from their amps. A lot of people use OD pedals with the amps distortion to give a 'boost' for solos or just a little more gain for rhythm. I've seen people use pedals with amps like those to play metal/rock a low volumes with a tube amp, but they would probably use the amp's dist in a jam/live setting. However it's all a matter of preference and some people just like the type of distortion they get some certain pedals. There are some really nice distortion pedals out there.

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So i tried it and i was able to change up the tones a bit

Only thing was the crap tons of feedback and just ridic amount of fuzz coming out of the amp when i stepped on it.

Might not help that im in a tiny tiny room but still...
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Well if you have the amp clean but a distortion pedal then you can have clean distortion. That basically just means the ROCK sound without fuzz.


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Added variety; whether that be as a boost or to add a different flavor here and there.

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A good pedal hooked to a pa can sound good depends on the pedal and the settings.
alot of people say that amp distortion is better than pedal distortion but i disagree ...but if i spent big money on an amp just for its distortion...... i to would want to think that a pedal wouldnt get me the same if not better distortion.