Alright guys, I've been looking at Voxes a lot lately and I'm going to make a pilgrimage to GC tomorrow morning to try out everything I've been looking at online. However because of the weight and price of a new AC30CC2 I started looking at the AC15 a little more too. Is there a huge difference between the two? Other than wattage. I know the AC30 has the effects loop which might be a big thing, before I decide based on that though I need a little enlightenment, from my understanding you can turn off all your effects at the same time. Does that mean if I had a big pedalboard plugged in I could hit a switch and all the pedals would turn off, or is it just for the on-amp effects?

I've also been looking into Fender Hot Rods (which I don't think I would get after looking into the other amps) As far as Fenders go I am looking more at the Twin Reverbs. Also, if I could find a 30-ish watt Orange for under $2000 that would be an option too.

This will be my first tube amp and I want something that I won't need to upgrade in six months. But what advice could you guys give me? Oh yeah, one more thing, I really just want a good clean channel, I have stompboxes for distortion so I'm not gonna buy the amp based on its distortion channel, I have a SS Fender now and the distortion is crap, as what I hear about most Fenders, but I do kinda like the clean.

My current gear is a Fender HSS MIM Strat, 100w Fender Frontman 212, and I am using a Zvex distortion pedal. (it's the step down from the box of rock) My band plays primarily pop/punk, but every once in a while my other guitarist writes something a bit more metal-y. I would also kinda like to sound a little bluesey when I'm on my own for personal practice.
Ah okay got ya. I also just looked up Traynor, does anyone have a link to a YGL-2? The downside of those is that I don't think I could buy them anywhere locally, unless I get lucky in the classifieds or something.
A 30-ish watt orange for less than $2000?
Head: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Orange-Amplifiers-Dual-Terror-DT30H-30W-Tube-Guitar-Amp-Head-106073984-i1527056.gc

Cab: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Orange-Amplifiers-PPC-Series-PPC212-OB-120W-2x12-Guitar-Speaker-Cabinet-424052-i1527060.gc

Thats if you want matching head and cab. You could easily save another hundred or so going with a different company.
Thanks for all the input guys, any advice/idea is welcome and appreciated. I just can't wait till I get to go to guitar center and hopefully try a bunch of these out!
I have an AC30 and if you are looking for a "bluesey personal practice sound" at home, forget the AC30. The AC30 is the greatest clean amp ever made. Sharp, perfect, crystal clear sounds. The AC30 is simply a bright amp that chimes -- the opposite of warm. Not much warmth in an AC30 and warmth and blues go together.

I have an AC30 which is great, as I said, for cleans (my Strat and Rickenbacker sound spectacular in it), and it is also great for good old school rock and roll grit. Overdrive the amp on the Top Boost channel and you get a classic rock sound. Push it harder and you can get some deep, thick distrortion. However it is not a warm amp. For warmth I go to my Fender Princeton or a little Crate acoustic amp I have.

One nice thing about the new AC30 is the addition of a Master Volume knob. Without it I would be deaf right now. I don't believe a Fender Twin comes with a Master Volume. You really have to max out that amp in volume in order to get crunch. With the AC30's Master Volume knob I can get crunch at low volumes. You should think about that.
I also have an AC30CCH (Head). And yeah, greatest clean amp ever.
But I can get some nice blues tones out of it. Tone cut about half, blended channels, normal set at about 2, TB channel at whatever the situation calls for. Treble at 4, Bass at 8.
That plus a TS-808 set for clean boost and a TS9DX set for more dirt.

Fender makes a better blues amp though IMO. But I wouldn't trade my Vox for one, Well, maybe a real 65 Twin Reverb, then flip it and buy an re-issue, and another AC30 (The CC, not the CC2 or any variation of).
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