So i have beeen looking to get a new guitar for while no and i have narrowed it down to an Ibanez S570DXQm or an Ibanez XPT700 im not sure which is better

I play a lot of metal but a fair amount of rock and some jazz and blues.
Well looking at both of the guitars the S570DXQm has a good sound and the zero point system its going to be alot easier managing the Floyd on the other guitar though i saw it at a set in neck which is nice. i have one for my Schecter C-1+. I myself would go for the first because of the zero point system, but i also hate the floyd rose so anything to make it easier on you i guess. Hope that helps somewhat and if not im sorry.
They're pretty much the same guitar, except for the shape, neck through/painted vs. bolt on, and trem.

I would get the S based on it's trem alone. The XPT has an Edge III IIRC, and that's just not worth it, especially since you're considering an S.
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