We are an American Alternative/rock/hard rock/grunge/dance band. We are influence mainly by Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, and many others. Check out our new song, it is a western themed rock song. Let us know what you think here or preferably on the youtube page. Thanks! Blue Life Revenge
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Awesome awesome stuff, great tune and really well recorded and mixed!

Maybe a bit muddy at the bass end though, probably pull some ringing frequencies there. Particularly noticeable on the kick. Something tells me that the main vocal needs to be thinned out a bit too.

Musically you guys obviously know what you're doing! Great hard rock song! Great structure and I love the ending.

Is that some autotune I detect on the vocals? Pet peeve of mine; for this genre, I'd say you can go without!

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To Cyberbob,
Nice song, the chorus is very catchy. Reminds me a bit of red hot chili peppers. The singer has a good tone too, but some part of me wanted for him to just belt out higher notes. Also this i probably just personal taste but maybe have a few funky lower riffs that have a bit of blues in them might sound cool. Overall nicely done.

To Matrix151080
Damn man when the riff kicked in, that guitar tone was awesome. It is very well mixed and has outstanding guitar and the drums feel real. Reminds me of Breaking Benjamin, i don't know the song but the tone is good.

Thanks for commenting guys we appreciate them alooooot. Cyberbob, what part did you think you heard auto tune? There is vocoder during the chorus which might be what you heard. During the main line there is almost no auto tune.
Thanks, glad you like the sound of the vocals and guitar, it took us a long time to get that exact sound on it, were hoping to get it properly mixed sometime soon to work out the little kinks here and there.
Yes it would sound much better if we got it professionally mixed i agree. Did the best we could with home recording equipment.