Of The Formation

Infinite creation falls short
With the sound of thunder
Rolling over the spectrum
Light crashing against the prism
Natural masterpiece
Of color and symmetry
Provides answers clear and true
Age old conclusions
Discovered not designed
A drop of rain
Is not a tear
As an earthquake
Is not a fist brought down

The clay tablet of your existence
A tabula rasa passed down from our ancestors
With each generation
At every new beginning
Wiped clean
Like a block of iron
Struck by the hammer of consequence
Forged in the fire inside
Accelerated by will
Remains formless
Without convictions

Firing on all cylinders
Righteous warriors step forward
A steady stream of ammo
To keep the vicious circle spinning
Each with a halo of knowledge
Orbiting a nucleus of hate
Truth supported on a tower in ruin
A diluted vision
Of what was once great
Monstrous colossus
Standing on clay legs
2008 Epiphone G400 Heritage CherryFUBAR
2008 Ibanez GRG 170 DX
2009 Cort KX1Q
2011 LTD H 351 NT
Randall RG 50 TC
Ernie Ball 11-54
Dean Markley
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