Hi all.

My band will probably be playing a few dream theater songs, and possibly other proggy songs which may involve keyboard solos.

Since we don't have a keyboardist, I'll probably fill the void by playing them on guitar instead. Is there any way that I can get anywhere near the sounds of some of those classic keyboard solo tones? (Sorry I don't know the names, perhaps a moog sound etc. I know that they vary wildly in tone song to song too). I used to be able to get an organ kind of sound from an old zoom pedal I used to have.

The sort of thing I have in mind is 4:36 in Peruvian skies by dream theater. I have to play that fill on guitar but it'd be nice to have at least some sort of weird tone that sounds kind of close. (I suspect that just getting a multieffects pedal and pissing about with it for hours is probably going to be the best bet).

Any tips are much appreciated
Hmm, already have a chorus and need a compression pedal anyway. The problem with different stomp boxes is always putting them at the right settings and turning them all on at the right time during a song.

The adrenalinn looks like a cool bit of kit, will check that out some more. Tbh, I have quite a few pedals and was going more down the stomp box route, rather than getting a multieffects. Getting an expensive multieffects just for this may be a bit much. It seems unlikely that there will be a stomp box just for this though lol.

Thanks for the help so far.
You could get a Fuzz Factory and mess around with the Stability, Gate, and Compression controls. I've gotten some video game-esque noises, keyboard style can't be too far away.

Also, Ibanez CF-7. With the Wack'd control or whatever, I've gotten some insane noises. Not all of them usable, but still, worth a shot.
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Yea, I can understand that and to fully utilize it would require a midi pedal board. I'm having a blast with mine after I made the patches.

Do check out the demos on youtube.
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