I was thinking today after finally nailing the John Bonham, triplets at a fast tempo ( ) we all have those moments of clarity, where we finally nail that groove or fill we have been working on for ages, and that awesome feeling that comes after.

What was moment (or moments) of clarity fellow Drummers?
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first time playing drum
start jamming with my freind whos been playing for like 4 months
start playing crazy train

never touched drums again
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Every time I play a good show
This. One time my body and mind were in perfect coordination and everything I thought of just flowed out... that was pretty sweet.

Also, I feel really good whenever I learn a particularly challenging tune that I also enjoy listening to... some examples would be a lot of Cynic stuff, Future Breed Machine by Meshuggah and The Mad Data Race by Spastic Ink.
When my double bass technique started to not suck as much.
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When I sat down behind my friend's electronic kit for the first time and pretended it was rock band and played through Reptilia by The Strokes. I almost nailed it.

Haven't played since.

RIP Tom Searle.
The first gig I did with my Band infront of a 600+ Person crowd...
( When my first drum blister popped and blood was on the toms... Hurt like hell but the feeling of finishing the gig with 1 and a half hands... Was awesome )
Definately, juggling with 4 sticks during bass only moment, 2 stick flips a hand
Recently I decided to play a BTBAM tune that had given me a lot of trouble in past months, first time playing it in about 4 months...nailed every part. It was awesome seeing how much I had improved in that time span.
I air drummed Constand Motion by Dream Theater earlier. I wasnt near my drumset so i just picked up a random pair of sticks (they were my roommates) and i air drummed it sitting in a chair. its a hard song, but air drumming... id say at least 65% notes were right well at least the correct movements anyway
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When my drumming friend looked at me surprised and said "That was with a single kick? Nice dude!"

Guess that's what happens when you mostly drum to Rise Against.
My proudest drumming moment was when I said, "To hell with drums!" and played guitar.
Jokes by the way. I played guitar much before I started drums.
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the first time i got the good times bad times heel toe gave me some profound sense of accomplishment

especially since i never ever want to use a double bass
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I started drumming more than 20 years ago so it's hard to pick out a proudest moment but the moment I probably talk about the most was a time when I was playing as a stand in drummer for a well know local band that cut a platinum record just a few months after the gig. They pissed me off half way through the 1st set so during the second set I pulled my van up to the stage and started loading up my kit. I did still want to play a gig that night so I picked up a few friends, that I used to jam with regularly, then went to a KFC drive up window and told them I'd play a gig at their store for an 8 pc family meal. The manager laughed and said if we had the gear with us he would not only let us eat whatever we wanted but he would help us unload the gear.

We rocked and got lots of food. It was a good time.
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I had a bit of one today playing Monkey Wrench. Not really my proudest moment but y'know when you're in "THE ZONE" and everything is going great, feels like you can play anything. I hadn't played Monkey Wrench since I first started playing drums aswell and back then it was a challenge. Felt real good today!
Two days ago, when I sat down to give drumming a shot yet again, after a decent number of times of sitting down behind a kit only to make a mockery of myself.

The basic rock beat just clicked and it felt good man. I even knocked out a good jam with the bass player of our band on guitar for a short rendition of "Float On". I felt and still feel so happy
When I was able to loosen my fingers during fills to make them faster and smoother.
Also when I was able to roll from the snare to the toms.
The first time I played wipeout's solo on multiple toms and the snare and not only hit every note, but intonated it just the way I wanted to. I almost quit playing, because I figured I'd never play a song so well again, but now I do it on a regular basis, and with witnesses.

Also, I once played a gig (we're a jam band, so I play by ear, not memory) where I felt like I could play anything, and we played great rock and blues for hours, and I busted a head at the end of the night jamming so hard. I played some amazing licks that night that I can't play if i'm not in the zone, and it took me forever to even remember what I played. Can't even visualize them. They just come to me a few seconds before the fill. I was up for hours on a high that night thinking about the set.
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Today: sat behind a real drum kit for the first time in my life. And played the glass prison by DT, and nailed it.
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When my drumming friend looked at me surprised and said "That was with a single kick? Nice dude!"

Guess that's what happens when you mostly drum to Rise Against.

Hell yeah man! Brandon Barnes has such a freakin' insane right foot!!!
When I could actually start holding a blast I was proud. I used to say id never be able to do that.
I used to practice on my brother's old kit, and when I moved out didn't really have a chance to actually play, so I just did a bunch of tapping excersizes and tried to air-drum along to songs.
My most impressive feat was coming home one year for christmas, sitting down at the drumkit and nearly being able to perfectly play through Schism all the way through.
Perfectly being getting the beats and fills more or less down, not playing it exactly the same way Carey does it (kinda impossible to learn unless you have a real kit to practice on).

My favorite part was my brother's face when I was able to nail the double kick at the end of the song, he was like "Whaaat how did you get faster on double bass than me without a drumset??" and I was like

EDIT: didn't last long, though. He's lightyears ahead of me now
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Mine is pretty cheesy - the moment where I could play quads at 140bpm on double bass. As overused and often unmusical as double bass is, it does happen to be one of the coolest techinques and sounds in percussion.
Probably when I got back into playing drums, I got asked to play a show after about 3 years of not touching drums. I practiced twice and though, man, I'm gonna suck so badly. Then I turned up at the gig, and played a full hour set, and nailed pretty much every song.

I felt so proud, when people, who didn't know me when I first started drums, were congratulating me, for nailing a gig, with a strange instrument (most people know me as a guitarist/bassist).

From then on, I've made sure to practice the drums, and as a result, I've become a fairly competant drummer, and its opened my eyes to many new ways of composing, for example, using a rhythmic base, as opposed to simply melodic, and letting the rhythm do what it wants.
I was tripping on 420 about two years back when me and my roommate decided to jam. I got on the drums and began playing this beat: 16th notes on the hi hats that had 32nd note bursts in between with a heeltoe foot pattern or something like that

I almost fell off of my drum stool the first time the beat started
My bands CD release was last month and it was the first time any of my friends or family actually got to see me play. We killed the show and everyone came up to congratulate me, including my parents who never really were supportive of the whole being a musician thing. That was pretty cool. My mom still talks about a breakdown I played whenever she’s on the phone.
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^ Knowing that your parents support you and are proud of you is an immense help in furthering your career as a musician. I'm older now but I wished my parents were more supportive, even today.
^ Similar to the above, about 4 years ago I joined a national touring band that I'd been a fan of for years. My parents came to the home town show and watched me play to a sold out crowd. Not huge. 700 people maybe. But it was nice to be able to show them that all the noise they'd put up with was paying off.
When I realized I could do 32nd note fills and hand-foot combination fills with little to no effort.
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First one: When I figured out a beat I "made" was actually used by RATM before me. It means I'm on the level of a world-class band's drummer with only a week of practice! (*Ahem*, let me be ).
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My proudest moment was when I built my endurance up to what I thought was superhuman for me. Back when I still played, I weighed 280 lbs and I had a setlist I played everyday:
Operation Ground and Pound- Dragonforce
Down With the Sickness- Disturbed
The Dark Eternal Night- Dream Theater
5 minute break
In Your Face- Children of Bodom
Nemesis- Arch Enemy
Take This Life- In Flames

By the time I could play through this setlist all the way, that was my best drumming moment. Falling off the stool drenched in sweat was one of my least favourite moments :p
One time at a gig I dropped TWO sticks during the same song (right hand twice). I was able to switch to my backup pair quickly enough to not only keep the song from falling apart, but to confuse my guitarist when I asked him to hand them to me in between songs.

Him: You dropped a stick? I didn't even notice!
Me: Naw, I dropped TWO and you didn't notice.
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Hard to say, but when I played "Man On The Silver Mountain" by Rainbow with my band and just nailed it.
When I did the drumming for my song Gears all the way through. The copy on my profile is 4:12 in length, but the whole thing is a good 12 minutes long, and that beat that the edited copy ends on is used... A ton more.

I'm not a drummer, so its cool that I was able to even get that take.