I'm rewiring my guitar, a Yamaha PAC112V. It's setup as an HSS strat style guitar, with the exception being that the the pots are not wired directly to the pickguard. Here's a link to the guitar

What I want, is to have a volume pot and tone pot at 250k for the single coils and a 500k volume and tone pot for the humbucker. I have added a concentric 500k pot to the guitar to control the vol and tone for the humbucker.

I also have the from Stewmac.

Below is my wiring diagram. The megaswitch can automatically coil tap the humbucker, which is what I want. However, I want to be able to control the volume of the humbucker independently from the single coils.

The only way I could see to make the volume work independently was to wire the humbucker as shown by (Scroll down until you see "Alternate volume control wiring")

My problem is that I don't know if I'm doing this right, in order to maintain the coil tap of the humbucker.

I appreciate any advice.

(The wire assignment box is copied from the Megaswitch instructions.)

the only thing you'd need to add or change, would be to designate a volume pot for the humbucker.

The pickup's hot wire would go through the volume pot, and then to the switch as normal.