Now i've been screwing around a little with some pedals ive had a loan of (Big Muff, delays blah) and have been trying to... not exactly replicate Matt Bellamys tone, but definately emulate it. When the guitar kicks in at the start of New Born - that heavy filthy sorta fuzz... that still seems to really rasp out the high end... thats what i want.

Basically im wordering if any of you gear gods have any advice on amps to look at... now im thinkin a Marshall 50AC... coz i like the thickness of Marshalls tone, and figured with some tweaks of an EQ pedal, i could salvage the raspy high end i need. Does this make sense, or has any one got any better theories? Im not very good/knowledgable with gear, so please... go easy on me.
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ZVex effects make the pedal you're looking for, the one Matt Bellamy uses. It's called a Fuzz Factory.

He used to use cheap old Marshall amps, but now he uses a Diezel VH4 and other cool little things like the Digitech Whammy, ZVex Wah-Probe, EHX Synth, and various multi effects units.

He also used the Fernades Sustainer to great affect. It's integral to his feel, rather than simply his sound only.

By the way, to answer your second question, to emulate Matt Bellamy's tone, a Marshall will be a good choice for amps, but you'll still need quite a few effects pedals, most of which hit the $200 mark and beyond.
Well, already got a replica of his Earls Court Mirror Guitar with a built in Fuzz Fac. Ive been using that as well as the Big Muff to get sweet fuzz tones. Its amp wise i cant figure out, since my knowledge of amps aint the best... i need some suggestions, but good to see the Marshall idea i have is a step in the right direction. Diezel VH4's a tad outta my price range just now =/
Dom, look... I Caught a PWOPER fish
Quote by AngryGoldfish
you'll still need quite a few effects pedals, most of which hit the $200 mark and beyond.

Already got my shopping list planned... Digi Whammy, DD7 Delay, DOD Equalizer, MXR Phase 90... Those are the first bases i intend to hit. and i suddenly noticed the whamyy's went up in price by £50 at my local guitar shop. WTF !!!
Dom, look... I Caught a PWOPER fish
What is the Marshall 50AC? Google doesn't show up anything and I've never heard of it personally. Have you got the name right? Are you talking about the Marshall MA50?

What is your budget? Will you need to gig with the amp or play at home? Will you shop used? I assume you're in the UK since you used pounds in your last post?
I'm assuming you're referring to the MA50. It's pretty meh in my opinion. It's a Marshall... but its not particularly good for the price.

During the Origin of Symmetry era, Matt was using Marshall JCM2000's. He also had a handwired 1959 Plexi reissue modded to have a master volume. He also used a Soldano Decatone (which is rather expensive)

Now, as AngryGoldfish said, he uses his Diezel VH4 live, and a variety of boutique quality amps in the studio.

Your best bet is to look for a Marshall DSL 50.

The pickups in his guitars are also a massive part of his tone. The Bareknuckle Mississippi Queens in some of his guitars are extremely hot pickups, and are a massive part of his sound. Ideally you want some pretty Hot P90's to get that tone.
these days matt uses a Dickinson Mk II Combo live, he may well have also used it in the studio as well but i'm not sure. Its an awesome amp and probably produces the majority of matts tone.
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Carvin X100b + swap toobz for el34 = pretty good marshall killer... not exactly thouhg, just throwin it out there....
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)


Edit people clearly are just saying this when they don't have a clue, this vid shows all his gear, you won't be able to get his exact tone unless you spend thousands.
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