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So got an idea to make a thread where people come in and share travel experiences and also help people travelling to a specific place eg. telling them about interesting landmarks, events etc.

Also you can talk about places that you want to travel to and generally get good ideas for places to visit.
This thread might fail, but it shall fall proud.

So, I've always wanted to visit Iceland ever since I watched Sigur Ros' "Heima"
Seems like such a great place, with a lot of natural views and fresh air.
Anyone been/lived in iceland? or anyone wants to?
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Iceland is definitely one for me, as well. Music scene is good enough for me, and it looks beautiful over there.

I know right?
After watching Heima I was totally convinced. The people seem really nice, the general atmosphere in the country seems great, good music, great sights, quiet.

Nothing can go wrong

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Nebraska. I was looking for He Who Walks Behind The Rows.

Well at least you didn't get sacrificed