Ok well obviously, it's a Reverb unit because it's printed on the front, but does anybody know when this thing was made or by who? I found it in my grandfathers storage of old guitar gear about 6 years ago and I've had it sitting in storage with my excess gear. But I've finally decided to see if I could solve the mystery of this thing with your collective knowledgeable help!

Front says : "instrument" then input jack and "Amplifier" then I'm assuming an output jack, a "reverb" knob, a "tone" knob, a red jewel light, then the on and off switch. at the bottom left it says "Solid State Reverberation Unit" and then on the far right it has a footswitch jack.

On the bottom it has a little plate that simply says: "Japan"

Here's a pic of the insides

any help figuring a history of this thing out would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Thanks for the info! I couldn't tell if that was/is the company name or just a designator like "tube"/"Solid State"
So did you ever figure out what this unit was? I just bought one one ebay, I wonder if they are worth much. How does it sound, I cant wait till it comes in.