I've been in a few bands and my most recent was an aggressive hardcore inspired death metal band. The tone I was using wasn't to hard to accomplish just crank the gain and drive to the max, but now I'm writing more melodic and progressive sounding riffs and want to change my tone.

My main point is, what do you think? Should I sell my Line 6 HD100 and Boss GT-10 for Axe-FX? or add to my cluster of wires and some how get money for an ENGL preamp or something...

I also want to know is it even possible to hook a Axe-FX up to a cab without running it through an amp head.

I'm getting a decent tone right now, but from what I'm hearing Axe-FX is offers not only a better tone then what I have now, but will replace my head and pedals. Now I want to know is it worth it and is it possible?

My current rig consists of:
Line 6 HD100 (head)
Randall V2 4x12 (cab)
Boss EQ
Boss Noise Supressor
Boss GT-10

you cant hook up an axe-fx right to your cab, you'll need a power amp. i dont know much about the HD100, but i'm quite sure the axe-fx is better. maybe you could sell your whole rig, and buy an Axe-fx, 2 atomic amp reactor series, and a midi-control pedal.
The Axe-fx would sound better then your current rig...lh5g is right. Get the Axe-fx, power amp and a cab and you got a pretty tight setup!
Sell your entire rig and you still won't have enough for the Axe FX Standard. Once you do have enough for one, you'll also need a power-amp and cab (which could be combined with the Atomic power amp/cab) and a midi-switching board, as stated above. You'll also need a case to protect it all in.

All depends on how much money you have and are willing to spend.
Axe FX has the capability of being run direct through a PA because of the cab impulse emulation, but in order to run it through a 4x12 it will need a power amp of some kind.

Tone is all in the ears and the heart man...**** that whole OMG tone is in the guitar and the player, that is a load of shit, technology is advanced to the point where you can make anything possible with the right amount of gear. Granted that tone and that player will certainly invoke an emotion and will have a specific phrasing, but the basis of any TONE can always be replicated.

That being said the TONE you want is going to be limited by the gear you use. A 68 Plexi head, by itself will never ever sound like a Dual Rectifier, just wont happen. So you have to start with what tone you really want to use, and go from there.

Always keep in mind that the tone you hear on an album is generally 2-4 and sometimes 6 DIFFERENT guitar tones mixed together.

With the gear you have, you have the capability to make some great tones but its all about what you want. Maybe you really just need to sit down and mess with your gear as much as possible to get those out and really learn your equipment. Ive been playing about 15 years, and using outside Cab Impulses I can make Line 6 gear sound quite literally like any major band on any label out there, but its because I worked with it so much.

That being said, with a midi controller. YES the axe-fx CAN replace an amp, effects, and all that nonsense and being an AMAZING rig. You will still need a power amp to run it through! My best advice is one, REALLY learn your gear and decide if you wanna get rid of it, then TWO get your hands on an Axe FX and use one before you spend the money! Have a good one brutha
Thank you guys so much. You guys really don't know how much this helped. Especially Omega6762 thanks man.

Thanks for your time