weary tarp draped over tree branch
a thin film of filth wraps around everything,
a faint smell
a small grill greasy sitting out front
clothes hung up to dry flap in the wind

silence is at home here,
a slimy ragdoll man
crouches in his tent with
ants and worms and grease for companions.

I see you there, dandruff
gruffly face man.
I see your sloppy black eyes,
I see your fingernails ragged,
your shirt stained with muck.
I see the boys you've fucked.

And I see how you whisper to the trees in vain,
how you interact with the tired old radio in the corner
of your tired old tent.
And I see the way you look at me and want to say something
but don't and want me to say something

but I don't.

You see little grease man,
I'm going to keep you right here
with yourself.

The sting wears off, trust me,
I've lived with myself my
whole life.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
amaaaaaaaaaazing enjambment in particular here- I also love the omnescience of this piece. this one resonated a bit more than some of your previous works with me. bravo.
tactile imagery here is fantastic - dandruff, grease... gross.
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