Who know's of some great Visulizers? My recomendation would be Milk Drop player through winamp, this visulizer blew my mind, it's like you closed your eyes and transcended plus it thinks of cooler pictures than my brain half the time. Far better than the ones in itunes.

Here is the link for winamp if your lazy, it's free too by the way WINAMP!

I tried taking a screen shot of the visulizer in action but it was just to great for my computer to handle and just gave a black screen.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

i just prefer the bars and waves...
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now go watch serenity.

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Quote by Dempsey68
i just prefer the bars and waves...

Hey, what happened to the Dempsey68 chord?

I remember it!
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I love your threads jypsy

OT: yea i don't really mind any visualizers unless they are pretty trippy.
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I love the itunes one.
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i love visualizers, thanks for the link. i use the one on my xbox 360 and they get pretty repetitive