Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. Been using UG for over 8 years but never bothered to make an account until now.

Anyways, I have a beautiful Schecter Stiletto-6 guitar with a Floyd Rose. Unfortunately, I left in my trunk one rainy night when I unknowingly had a leak in said trunk. The moisture managed to make its way inside of my gig-bag and caused some of my equipment to corrode a little bit. There is no visual difference other than slight discoloration and thankfully no difference in the sound of the guitar.

Problem is, the fine-tuner for the low E string now has a limited range of motion. I can manage to rotate it about two times around in either direction, but it won't budge any further than that. I can't loosen it all the way and I can't tighten it all the way, which makes the restringing process a lot more tedious.

Should I take a pair of pliers and work it until it gives, or would that risk more damage to the tuner? Is there a way to possibly fix this that might use less force, possibly a replacement fine-tuner? I'm not one to accept defeat, so any ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Don't force anything, or you might strip the the threads on the bridge, and that would be a much bigger problem than just the fine tuner being stuck. You can replace it though.

It'd be easier if you took the bridge off. Fine tuners are made with a slight "defect" in the threads on the bottom so they can't unscrew all the way, otherwise they'd come of the bridge. If you use a dremel or something to grind away the bottom part of the fine tuner, you'll be able to remove it without destroying the threads in the bridge. Since yours only has limited motion, you'll probably have to remove more of the bottom in order for it to be able come off.

I would take it to a shop first though. They may be able to get it unstuck.
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