Hey everyone

im trying to upgrade my guitar , i used to have a LTD viper but now i made some money and sold this one , so i got around 400 dollars , and i already got RP355 and A good Line6 75 amp , so the budget is all around the new guitar

im looking forward to buy a Fixed bridge Guitar , With A good Pickups " Active are not a must " Also i DO NOT really care if it is 24 frets or 22 !!

my knowledge to the Guitar companies are not that good , but all i can say that plz , stay away from DEAN =D

other than that it will be fine , thx for help in advance =)
do you want it new or are you willing to go used?

for around 400 you can get a pretty decent guitar from rondomusic.com. but IMO you shouold save up a little bit more. also, the "stay away from dean" clause......sure theyre lower end models might be bad but that shouldnt give you a judgment on their whole company, its not about brand names, its about the quality
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PRS SE Custom 24 or 22. Different models and varieties. Hard to beat the aesthetics, sound quality, versatility, and craftsmanship for the 500-700ish dollar range.
i actually can't go anymore further than 500 Dollars , and yes im welling to get a brand new guitar not w used one
If you go used you can get a $800-$1000 guitar for $500 secondhand. I sold a 2000 Gibson Lp studio for $400 last year and it played and sounded awesome, just had a little cosmetic damage. If you have to buy new look at the PRS SE line the SE tremonti is $530 and is a very nice playing and sounding guitar for the price, also did you like your ESP/LTD? because they make some very nice midrange guitars also.
i loved it , and the brands i've checked so far are ESP , Ibanez . Jackson , and BC-Rich