Help me Pit, I'm trying to remember an old video game and can't get it for the life of me. I'll try to explain everything I can remember of it:

I think it had a name LIKE "Diablo", but its not Diablo obviously

It was similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic games

The town/sanctuary areas were all protected by one hyperindestructible hero/entity of some sort

errr I think maybe one icy kinda faction maybe had polar bears as a recruitable unit?

Anybody have any idea what I'm talking about?
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Rape and Pillaging 4: Return of the Pillagers?

Nah, I think it's R&P 5: Rape the Pillagers.
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Rape and Pillaging 4: Return of the Pillagers?
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Man I was so hung up on the name "Diablo" I couldn't get that. Thanks bro
Off topic... Who still plays Diablo 2?
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I started playing Diablo 2 with my brother and a few friends, but since the semester started we don't play night crawlers anymore
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