Hey everyone! I am newbie to posting on this forum but I have been gathering great advice for a while. I am new to the guitar building world, so I bought a cheap non working guitar off craigslist. I have no clue who the maker is. The only thing written on it is "Concert" on the headstock.

I am good at basic soldering and have done work inside stereos and small electronics. I figured a guitar would probably be similar. I opened up this guitar to see what was up and found COUNTLESS reasons why it doesnt work. A few solder joints on the switches are bridged over to the other prong. There are wires twisted together and electrical tape holding wires apart. Needless to say I figure it could use a total rewire job. The bride risers were on top of the bridge holding it down so it didnt get lost. I did notice that under the part that holds the strings on there are 2 screw holes. I wasnt sure if it was missing a part or if is a replacement part.

This is where I need as much help and advice I can get. I have tried to find tutorials to teach myself, but I cant find any that would show me the proper way to rewire this type of configuration. Any input would be appreciated!

Pictures below....


It's two pickups each with an on-off switch. You can look at the Brian May wiring for some help or look up the Nikki Sixx bass wiring. They aren't exactly the same but they'll get you the right idea. Also, get a volt meter out and make sure those electronics all work.
It's a Teisco. They were made in the 60s and a lot of them didn't even have the name on the headstock. They made some interesting guitars...
I just got a harmony with nearly the same layout, I am in the process of rewiring mine as well, I think someone had before me, and left it so volume was tone, tone was volume and the switches didn't do anything, but for $50 and a project, I am ok with that. I would shield, and ground as much as you can its a very feedbacky guitar
I have a guitar with the same exact wiring. I haven't opened it up yet (though I need to for model numbers and to fix a jack) but just put a kill switch between each pickup and the volume pot. simple as that.
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I figured out that there were 2 wires missing (the one from the volume to the tone and one from the volume to the input jack). I replaced them and touched up some of the solder and now it works! The pots are pretty scratchy but if I dont mess with them it plays pretty nice. It still needs some work done to it but for now I can have some fun until the new parts come in . I will probably still take it to my tech just to make sure it is gig ready.

Thanks for all the help! This is my first guitar older than the 80's so I am pretty excited I got it working! Not bad for 40 bux hu?
I'd love a Teisco. Most of them are still expensive though, you got an amazing deal on that. I'm not sure what model it is, but it looks nice. It would probably cost $500+ on ebay to get one that worked. I keep seeing more and more about these guitars, it's giving me GAS.