Okay, not sure if this whole thing works, but its worth a shot. I was recently sent a link by a friend of mine on Youtube for this site that will give you codes for free Microsoft Points, and even a free month or year membership. Its pretty simple: somebody gives you a code enclosed in the link that's unique to them, you use that link to get to the site, they rack up a visit. There's a space on the page where you get your own unique code to give to other people; its essentially one of those refer-and-reward sites. The rewards range from 1 free month of Xbox Live Gold for 5 visits, all the way to 4200 free Microsoft Points and a free year of Xbox Live for 50. If you want to give it a try, here's my link:...
If you use my link, respond with your link and I'll give you a visit; like I said: worth a shot ain't it?
It's 99% going to be a scam.
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