Hey guys,

I bought a MG30FX amp less than half a year ago and I am having a strange problem. I will be in the middle of playing something with distortion and all of a sudden the sound will cut out. Sometimes it will go from distortion to clean even though it is still set on distortion and other times the sound cuts out completely.

I am currently living in a dorm so I only ever play with my headphones in. What could be the problem?

Please don't leave any comments if you're just going to talk about the quality of the amp. Sure it's not up there, but it's just a practice amp for my room. Thanks.
your problem is that you have a marshall mg...
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Do you get scratchy sounds when turning any of the knobs on the amp? What about on your guitar?

Ya. I do get that sound when adjusting the volume knob on my guitar, why?
Get both of the pots cleaned out. I had this issue about a year ago. When the pots in the guitar get dirty/dusty, they crackle and when it gets bad enough they cut out. I thought it was my amp the first time too. Just take it to a tech, shouldn't cost more than $10... Unless you can fix the Deox-it spray I think they use.

Okay, so I found the Deox-It spray and sprayed it into the pots and turned the knobs several times to spread it around. When I went back to my amp, I was still having the same issues. I know it can't be a speaker issue because I only play through my headphones right now.

One thing I do notice is that on this amp there is a button for Clean/Crunch and a second button for two overdrive channels. When I am having the issue with the sound, the color that is lit up on that button starts blinking (every time the sound cuts in my headphones the colored light blinks). Does anybody know what this means?