I just ordered a vox ac15c1 from musicians friend, everything seemed good from the box but i saw a hole on top of the box and just thought it was nothing, i opened the box, the amp looks beautiful, took it out and SAW A BROKEN PIECE on the top of the amp. well this part isn't the most important part. i cant explain unless you look on top of the amp view. the two heat vents, one is broken and chipped. anyways when i played an turned on the amp, i set the volume around 8-9 o'clock, it starts buzzing/humming already... i knew something was definitely wrong, so i kept playing and it sounds really nice. i put the volume around 12 o clock and you can really hear it start to buzz/humming noise really loud. i knew something was wrong. i decided to give musician's friend a call and told them what happened, now i shipped it back and hopefully i get a better one.

ordered a vox ac15c1, broken plastic vent piece, turn on with volume around 8 o'clock and it buzzes/hums. i sent it back, hopefully get a new one.

SO i was wondering, is this because of the shipping? amp itself? tubes? i was watching youtube vids of reviews on the amp and they have the volume maxed out and it was completely quiet... i did hear alot of people having this problem when i tired to research about this. please help me out anyone!!!
Mine works just fine. A bit noisy when pushed on the top boost sections (I'm also using a tele though.), but otherwise, a small bit of hum when maxed out. You just happened to fluke out with that one I think. I have never ordered any musical equiptment off of the internet, I just dont trust it.
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okay. thanks for the feedback. i would like to hear if anyone else has the same problems. it must of been shipping problems. i went to the local guitar center to try out the vox ac15c1, while putting the volume on 12 o'clock it starts to hum also. but mine hummed around 8 o'clock already. i hope my next one turns out better or else i might just get a refund.
I'll say probably shipping, if the actual packaging was broken. To be fair, you can't trust couriers to really be gentle with your package, trust me I work for one! It'll probably be fine next time.
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Yeah, i do kind of regret doing it online, well hopefully the next one will be flawless. thanks for the reply!