I've been doing basic drum beats and some double kick stuff for a while, but I need help with keeping a consistency in my blast beats.

Like I've been trying to play the blast parts in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRU_iKYs7oI&feature=related

I just can't keep the rythym consistent for the snare. Any tips?
Firstly, try and figure out how fast exactly you're trying to play, that song sounds like it's about 190 bpm.

If you know the tempo, for a blast, you will be playing 8th notes on the hands, so can you play 8th notes on either hand at 190? If you can, try to also play 16ths using both hands at 190, which is what will be happening when you actually play the full blast.

Now, if that isn't a problem, try and play separate parts of the blast. So just bass drum and snare, which would be right foot, left hand, etc... you should be able to maintain the blast with just those two limbs, and also with the bass drum and the right hand. If you can play both separately, then it's really just a matter of going to a lower tempo and maintaining it at that tempo for, let's say a minute. If you can do that, bump your metronome up a certain amount of bpm, and try at the new tempo. If you can do it at that tempo, repeat that process until you get to the goal, which in this case is 190-ish.
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Sure thing

I'd try a moderate tempo of 150-ish personally, but something very useful which Travis Orbin recommends would be to take the performance tempo, cut it in half and build it up from there. So like, 95 bpm and upwards in this case.