Hey folks. You can call me Ray. Hope to make new friends around these parts.

A little about myself. I play the guitar and loving it. I'm into Rock. My favorite music artists are Glay, Gackt and Miyavi. As you can see I'm into Japanese rock. I've been using Ultimate Guitar tabs since I laid my hands on my guitar. Without it I'd be lost in confusion how to play songs. UG has been a guide on my journey to being a guitarist and I'm hoping to meet friends along it here on the forums. Though only now I have just joined, I feel I should have done it earlier. Anyway , please be kind to me. Nice meeting you all
Welcome to the forums
I think most people start off on tabs and then work there way in. the forums on gear, customizing etc are really worth checking out some smart guys in there, they are now my favorite places on this site and are great for improving playing and understanding instruments.
now extra flamey