I used to play awhile back but In a desperate move I sold my stuff. Had a nice Jackson Flyin' V, CRATE T-55 Amp and a digitech RP3. One of the worst decisions Iv'e ever made.

The question(s) is about the AMP and Pedal. Im trying to buy them for about $200 a piece.

I play alot of stuff but mainly Rock/Metal. I don't play in a band so I don't need top of the line stuff, nor do I want to get lower end stuff to limit my musical growth, experimenting and fun.

First off Im looking to get a ESP/LTD F-350 to accompany these items.

But for the gear Im looking at USED Amp / Pedal. I can get both a clean and lightly used
Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt for $150 and the BOSS GT-8 for $200.

The AMP the guy said bought for his son, and he lost interest and was only used a handful of times. The AMP looks like it to, super clean and prolly hasn't been beat up. I hear all these TUBE vs Solid State battles so I'm kinda confused about it, mabey someone can clarify.

The pedal is also clean and the gentlemen said he would let me demo it all day if I'd like to. I was kind of worried buying electronics without warranties "BUT" it looks very clean and not abused. Like he took care of it properly.

do you have to get a amp and pedal? why not just take all that money and buy a decent amp instead of a Spider III and pedal that will make it sound worse
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sorry that you had to sell all your gear that blows man

here is my take on this
1. pass on the spider. like you stated in your post u want to stay away from lower end gear and stuff and even though u dont have an amp. this qualifies as low end gear.

2. id personally buy the gt-8 and use it with headphones or direct into my laptop till i saved up for a better amp. also when you get a better amp, you will have most fx in your hands already.

as for the whole tube vs solid state thing. its always a heated argument. it goes either way there are really good solid state amps and obviously there are good tube amps. it just depends on what you want. go out and try some different amps man.
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It is NOT trash metal it is tHrash metal...get it right
No, please do not go with a Spider.
Look, best decision you could do is scrap the idea of the pedal.. And bring your budget to whatever, and use the entire thing towards an awesome amp.

So you'd have roughly 400 bucks to blow? You could find a decent used amp in that market that will pull off rock/metal. Look into a used 6505+ combo? It's a tube amp.

Generally speaking, tube > solid state/digital. But not always.

Tubes give "Warmth" to your tone, sound "organic" whilst SS/modellers sound fake, artificial.. And gain is usually fizzy andmuddy, something you don't want in metal.
the spider 3 will sound terrible, and the same no matter what you put through it. I like most lower/mid LTD's as long as they don't have a floyd. They're pretty good value for money.
I'd go with This amp if you must go new :http://www.guitarcenter.com/Jet-City-Amplification-JCA2112RC-20W-Tube-Guitar-Combo-Amp-583601-i1475978.gc

and I'd get a cheapish boost pedal to push it into heavy metal territory, but it'll work fine for like 80's metal out of the box.

if you go used you can probably pick up one of these for about 4-500 bucks, which sound terrific for metal AND rock, and have a usable clean channel, and IMO, sound better than the head by far (just my opinion)


I would really try and stretch for that 6505 as it'd be a good investment as it's a really awesome amp I think, and would last you a hell of a lot longer than that spider three and boss modeling pedal, as sooner or later you'll get tired of the digital tones those make and want something more "real" sounding.
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Lol, yeah, what they said about the Spider. I got one on a trade and played for a week and decided it really was tru what Ive been hearing om the forums...they suck. Have you heard any of Zoom's stuff? Im on my third generation of their Multi effects and always loved them and never had one break. The G2.1Nu is 200.00 new and imho opinion is the best one yet for the money. The new chip they use has a much "livelier" feel to it and the Delays and such are pretty damn good and convincing.
Wow you guys rock!

Such quick and informative responses. Well I did forget to mention that I would be using to amp from time to time in headphone mode, so I don't know if that changes the question but Iv'e decided to scrap the Spider. All of you who responded said so , so I will listen to the experts.

Now Im looking at the jet city and peavey amps. This is what Iv'e found hopefully not gone yet.

Used JC20H Head and 1x12 Cab for $325 !
Used Peavey 6505 for $500 !

Like I said gonna call the people up or email them and see if it still there but I thought I would share of what Iv'e found in my area.

Now some said ditch the BOSS GT-8 and some said to at least grab that. Whats the pro's and con's with multieffects pedals? I had the digitech RP3 and I know I was starting out and prolly had an untrained ear (Not that its trained too much more now) but I really liked the pedal and the sheer stuff I could do with it.

The ESP/LTD F-350 one I'm looking at does have the Floyd Rose Special on it. From what I hear it's the licensed Korean version of the original. I heard that the Licensed Korean versions aren't that bad. Whats everyone's take on that?

But damn seriously you guys rock. Thank you for saving me from a head ache and a bad investment.

Hey SilverSpider71

Thanks for the input. Been watching and reading about Zoom's stuff, seems cool.

Please forgive because I have been out of the loop for a hot minute with this stuff but how does that G2.1Nu go against the GT-8? Am I talking apples and oranges?

Sorry for another post but I seen Silver's post after I posted the first response.

the GT-8 is like a guitar processer more than a multi-fx as it really does everything. I had a GT-10, and just didn't get into it. You may really like it. It's all opinion. I really like zoom's products, and they have a pretty good reputation.

The pro's with multi-fx is that you get a TON of options and things to play around with, for a lot less money than what it'd cost to buy all those things individually.

The Con's are that you don't really get really awesome sounds out of them. A single pedal will ALWAYS sound better than a multi-fx, but again, the cost is more for them.

I think of multi-fx's like I do modeling amps. They're awesome for learning what kind of sounds you like and what kind of effects you'd really use , and will eventually probably be sold off to fund individual pedals that you find you'd use alot, as most of the things on a multi pedal, you won't really end up using after you've gotten through playing with it.

The floyd special's i haven't heard too much about, they should be alright. And being a licensed I'd assume an original would fit in there if it ended up giving you trouble down the line.