So I've been playing guitar for ~6 years (some classical, some electric) but haven't ever taken lessons. I've been thinking of taking some classical lessons but thought that there might be something online that would be a bit lighter on the wallet... So a couple questions for everyone here:

Has anyone found any good online classical guitar lessons for free or cheap? Are any of the sites out there worth paying something for? I've found a few sites, but they only offer the very basics for free and you have to pay for the advanced stuff. Or maybe I just gotta buckle down and find a real life person to learn from.

Just wondering if anyone out there had any experience with this.

get a proper teacher in real life . thats my only advice. otherwise the chances of you wasting your time (and money) are very high. nothing online will really be of help. and the good teachers that teach online via skype still charge quite alot.

other wise look start looking at self teaching books that are good/great. pm me if you want advice on what books to pick.
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