So after some consideration of different amps and money and stuff, I figured the cheapest thing to do would be to suck it up and deal with not using a tube amp in my dorm room. So, in an attempt to be even quieter, I was considering using headphones with my old Peavey Transtube combo. However, I'm not sure if any of the outs on the back of the amp will work with headphones or not. They are as follows:

Pre-out (For recording, which I saw in the manual; might not cut sound to the speakers either)

External cab (rating must be about 200W and 8 ohms, so I feel like headphones aren't compatible here)

Effects Send (Might work, before power amp, so signal won't be obnoxious from headphones)

--Failing those, what could I do to add an out to use with headphones?

effects send should work, try that then report back

also, yeah pre out should work.. it's just sending the sound through the jack, it should cut the speakers though, that would be stupid if it didnt and it was meant for recording
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Pre-out gets sound, but the speakers still make sound like normal. I figured, the manual did say they didn't affect the normal function of the amp. Probably to get that whole "live sound thing" while recording, but it does defeat the purpose.

Effects send gets no sound from the headphones, but does get sound from the speakers. Its a no go.

Is there anything I could wire in myself that might work and not DESTROY my headphones?
why not use the preamp out with the master volume on 0? does that work?
its not really ideal you use it this way anyways.. impendances of headphones and the level coming from your amp could be quite mismatching but not exactly dangerous

Your going to be missing any cabinet emulation too, so your tone will just sound like a signal which is pretty crappy haha, which is why a headphone mod would be hard, you'd need to mod in all that emulation.

Why not just put the combo on a desk or by head height and keep the volume down?
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