So at first I was thinking I would just buy some nitro and use it for the base coat and the outer burst, but I've realized how crappy it would look since you cant control the spray nozzle.
Then, I thought i would just use the paint gun, but i dont have a water separator.

And lastly, I figured I would just stain the body for the base color, then rub on the burst, is this probable or would it just look like shit?

TL;DR: Can you do sunburst using just wood stains? Whats the best way?
really? my brother keeps telling me that spraying without a separator and some filters just makes it crappy, but then again he's never sprayed a body before.

have you sprayed lacquer with one or just stain?
Stewmac sells nitro aerosol cans, you could just use those.
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I saw those, thanks for recommending them on my other thread, im just indifferent about using an aerosol can to spray the burst,
ive sprayed everything BUT stain through a spray gun. I dont like using just straight up stain.

The only reason you need a water separater is because some air compressors build up condensation in teh tank, and that can end up in the air that meets with the material you are spraying. But ive never had that happen.
fantastic dude, thanks for linking your video, it makes me that much more confident in doing a stain burst
sorry to keep asking questions heh, but which of the three brownish stains would i be best off using to achieve the top guitar's base coat?

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Depends on your starting wood, but probably Medium Brown
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