hey, ive been thinking of getting a custom bass built from fbass and i have a couple questions

1. what are guitar tops?

2. What are the benefits of a 5 piece neck?

3. what is the difference between neck thru and bolt on?
Well if its what i think you mean, many guitars have a figured maple top for looks whereas the body would likely be either alder, ash, mahogany, or basswood. i dont know 2..but to 3, a bolt on neck is bolted on right where it meets the body whereas a neck thru runs most of the length of the body inside it. neck thrus generally have more sustain though im not sure if it matters too much with a bass.
1. the guitar tops consist of flame maple, quilt maple, koa, babinga, and spalted maple most usually... the tops add looks and a maple top tends to brighten a guitar up.
2. 5 piece necks give rigidity and structure they tend to break less often.
3.neck thru is where a neck is made that is also the length of the guitar body also and two body wings are glued on to the sides. bolt on is 3-7 bolts holding a separate made neck.
Heard of Google? I hear it's pretty good at answering questions. How exactly do you come to own so many guitars and basses and not know the answers to that stuff?
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