I've noticed that on just about every recording I listen to on this website, there's no ****ing bass guitar in the mix! WTF? It's like trying to find a polar bear in Florida...I guess my point is that people don't value the bass at all in the writing process anymore, at least for metal.
i have trouble finding a good tone on the bas mostly cause i dont have a bass amp or a decent bass so i dont record it often...also i dont really upload song on here

im going to assume thats whats wrong with most of the site
I wouldn't say it's not valued, but most metal bands have technical riffs where the bass and guitar play the same pattern. And that's to fill in the lower frequencies in the mix. Nothing beats having a bass in a recording. In fact I'm thinking of purchasing a 5 string pretty soon.
First of all, you're in the complete wrong section.

Secondly, I'd be willing to bet a majority of the users on this site are guitarists, not bassists. Some people play multiple instruments, but not everybody has both.

So when they record, they record with what they own. Guitars. Several users on here have both guitars and basses, and they do use both in recordings.

It's not an issue about bass in metal, it's about the huge amount of metal recordings on this site done by users who own only guitars and not basses.

Use your head.

Also, reported.
No swearing in titles, please. Wrong section. Bassists are highly valued by those who aren't already something else. And that is a great number of people.