I have a Peavey rage 158 or whatever, now it's an empty cab, and I'm going to to make the cab to hold a 10in bass (or bass friendly) speaker. It needs to be 4 ohms preferably, or 8. and 200+watts. Where can I find a super cheap, but ok speaker that fits these requirements?

Can a 1x10 200 watt amp keep up with a 40 watt bogner alchemist?
You have two problems with what you are proposing. the first is that the efficiency of a speaker depends partially upon the surface area. A 4x10 is louder than a 10 even with the same power going through both. The maximum volume you can get depends upon how much air you can shift. The area of the speaker times its excursion, so that is limited too. The only way you can get real volume out of a 10 is to build it into a horn cab.

The second problem is that your speaker needs to match its cab for bass. Each speaker works best in a particular cab (in general the cheaper the speaker the bigger a cab it needs) and if the cab is a ported or reflex design then the port is a tuning device that needs to be exact.

I assume you want a 4ohm speaker because your amp is solid state and only produces max power into 4 ohms. 4 ohm speakers especially cheap ones are usually poor adaptations of 8 ohm speakers and you'll almost certainly be better off with an 8.

You can keep up with any guitarist because in a band you work together, it isn't a loudness competition. they have a thing called a volume control. You might have trouble with a drummer though as they don't have this luxury.

If you were in the UK I'd recommend the Fane 10-300 as your best bet, but if you post up the internal dimensions of the cab I can suggest an alternative which matches your cab. You'll need to measure any ports as well.

You might end up with something good enough for a small practice room, you'll need at least a 2x10 or 1x15 for gigging.

Oh I know, I really intend to get a 2x10, but for now money is an issue, and I have the empty cab, so I was just going to buy a used speaker and use it for now. Right now a guy is offering me a choice of two 8 ohm 10's for $30 ones the new neo style he thinks. Thing is he doesnt know the brand or the wattage. All he knows is they came from a 600 ohm cab. For $30 is it safe to assume they'll handle the 8 ohm 160-200 watts my head will generate?

BTW the dimensions are 15 inches wide by 14 inches high by 8 3/4 inches deep. Laughably small maybe, but this is just a small backup unit. that will have cost me like for the speaker only
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If money is really tight and you just want to make a noise then the most you can lose is $30. No-one can advise you about power handling or matching your cab and speaker without the Thiele/Small parameters, though it's a small cabinet so a speaker with a small magnet won't be good. You can't make any assumptions about the power handling until you know what it is either.

The only thing is that if money is tight and you think you want a 2x10 eventually it might be better to buy a 10 where you can buy a matching second one later, though this assumes you would build a cab yourself.