the song is on my page its titled untitled. ok so this is a really rough demo of a song i'm working on so i'm just looking for comments on the actual song and not the recording. i just need some opinions/constructive criticism. anything you guys have to say is greatly appreciated. and of course c4c
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It was interesting. There were parts that I really liked but at other times it got pretty busy and once I had to check and make sure my laptop wasn't messing it up. I guess just simplify and clean it up a little. For example I thought the part from 0:30 to 1:00 were pretty busy but 3:30 on was really cool.

Overall, simplify the busier parts.
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It seems a little sloppy, and the tone is obviously not good, but you know this. So I'll base this crit on just the music.

The riffs seem kind of...I don't know, I think the tempo of this should be faster, but the riff at 1:25 with those bends, that part is good, I think that part shines in the first half of the song.

The riff behind the octave guitar at 2:35 is really cool too, I thought I'd add that.

As I said, I feel like some of it feels slow, maybe just because there are no drums.

3:30, that ringing riff seems a bit out of key to me, you might have been going for that.
The shred part was pretty cool, reminded me of Wretched if you've ever listened to them.

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So I listened twice to get some roots on it, and like you said, it's pretty much a "concept" or something like that, it seems like some parts don't flow too well with each other.
It takes some time to get "into" the song at the beginning, but I guess the drums will eventually make it sound normal, with a good progression to bring the song to a punchy start
I like it though, I think I can hear where you're going with this, after making some cuts here and there, it's good. I like the agressive vibe its got, I like how it seems to be dark, and there's only guitar. I'm looking forward what this is going to evolve in!


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