Poll: Vox V847 vs Dunlop Crybaby Classic
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Vox V847
4 50%
Dunlop Crybaby Classic
4 50%
Voters: 8.
Both same price.

Ive seen the videos on youtube:


The Vox seems to have less wah, but the notes dont get too bassy or trebley while the

Crybaby seems to have more wah but tends to overdo the bass or treble sometimes, and sounds cool for a while, but sounds painful after a while. Something like I'm about to throw up or something.

I think I'll get the Vox because even though it isn't as jaw-dropping as the Crybaby, it seems to be more pleasing to my ears.

Whats your opinion? Which one would you buy?

I have the VOX and I love it. I agree that the Crybaby feels a bit harsh when its all the way up or down. There is one thing, though. I'm not sure exactly what model VOX I have or which one you want, but mine doesn't have a jack for an adapter. It requires a 9V battery which can be a pain in the ass if you don't regularly carry them around in your gig-bag or wherever. I'm pretty sure the Crybaby comes with an adapter. If you gig regularly that might be something to consider.
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Well... Back in the day, VOX was the original creator of the Wah petal, then Jim Dunlop came in and created his own, if you want the ORIGINAL SOUND of a wah, go with VOX. I prefer the Cry baby, and I love it, It has more feeling to it, plus I play hard rock so it just suits it well... The one thing I have found a problem with the Dunlop cry baby over the VOX is that something always goes wrong with the thing within 6 -8 months. Doesn't matter if there is a loose wire, the button is gone, I fried something internally, or even the power cord doesn't work... It had all happen to me you name it... After about 10 years, and a fire in my house... (Yes I had a fire in my house, the only thing I saved was my original 1959 Les Paul standard, my VOX amp, Crybaby petal-it is half burnt, and my kitten ) it still works amazing! :P Anyway, Yeah there both awesome and different in each way.
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