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no name 3/4 acoustic. I was like WHOA. Broke some strings, never got them replaced. gave it to my nephew.
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Yamaha electric, just finished repainting it, I still like to play the thing as my backup!

For music class.

In elementary school.

Was awesome.

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Drums, I gravitated to guitar after about 3 years.
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oddly enough, piano when i was 6.
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Skin flute.


My first instrument was a First Act guitar, it was tough learning on it, but I got the hang of it until my next guitar. I believe the First Act has been ripped to pieces now.
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squier p bass. still use it to this day but im getting a new custombuilt one soon.

Or my squier strat that i modded.
This acoustic guitar my mom bought me from some local builder I gpt it for my birthday I wanted an electric guitar but she said I was asleep so she had to go pick one out without me
Sounded bad, had a panted fretboard felt like rough paper, the action was super high
But at the time I was like this must be what an acoustic feels like so I stuck with it
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Yamaha piano
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My dad's acoustic... well it was passed on so I don't know if that counts. If not then a black vertical rieger kloss piano
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Acoustic guitar, I ****ing love guitar.
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trumpet, 4th grade. ****ing loved it, just wish i could have gotten into music other than stupid ass school band music....
like blues or jazz
Harmonica.....sucked at it majorly
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the recorder.

i was told it would get me laid.
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violin, it was part of my old schools music classes, anyway i left that school and dropped violin, and began learning guitar about 10 years after that
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My school gave me a 1/4 size violin when I was 6. It was pretty cool.
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Pretty sure it was a squier bass. Still have it in my old room at home. I liked it, but I liked the guitar (and later piano) better.
Ibanez GSR180 bass.

My first was a nylon acoustic back when I was 12. I didn't start to play bass before I was 16. (I'm 19 years and one day old now)
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I had a cheap little acoustic guitar and didn't know how to play (I was like 5) and i started trying to learn and then this kid jumped on it and broke the neck on it and i freakin yelled at him, and he never came to my house again. ( he puked on our floor too.)

The first stringed instrument i had that i learned stuff on was a bass. Then i got my guitar.
And im okay at bass and pretty good at guitar.
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Cello. i had one provided for me when i was in the orchestra in middle school. i then transferred to another middle school, and got myself my own cello. i'm not very good at it, though. and then, a little over three years ago, i got my first guitar. Epiphone SG special.
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For music class.

In elementary school.

Was awesome.

This, except mine was not awesome because my music teacher was a bitch and thought I was being cheap for buying a recorder that looked different from everyone else's because mine was clear and everyone else's was beige.
Big casio keyboard. Still can't play the bloody thing. Went onto guitar about ten years later and thats going pretty well I guess.
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recorder. and i was damn good at it. i could site read real well, i played Canon in D one time for a test in front of the whole class just site reading.
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