I recently installed a new pair of Gibson Burstbucker Pros (single conductor pickups). The bridge pup works fine, but I'm only receiving a very quiet signal when I toggle to the Neck pup (which I'm assuming is ONLY from the bridge pickup?).

I swapped the pickups over to opposite pots and have the same issue, so I know that the problem lies within the neck pickup.

With a brand new one being sent out to me now, I decided I might as well attempt to fix this one anyway. I have very limited knowledge about guitar electronics.. but I removed the humbucker cover and peeled back some tape to find these two wires

With my multimeter I tested the connection from one wire to the end of the hot wire from the pickup. That looks fine. However....

From the other wire to the ground of the pickup there is no connection at all.. is there supposed to be?

Do you have a model number for this pickup? Did you look at the schematics?
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Are you sure everything was soldered well and correctly? Because its pretty much impossible for a pickup to "break".
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It could be a faulty solder, but judging that you've swapped the pups around and all, I doubt it.
Really other then that I have no idea, my electronics knowledge is also limited.

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Quote by chris.niziolek
Do you have a model number for this pickup? Did you look at the schematics?

I can't find a model number but it's this one here

Can't find any schematics for it either :L
How many internal wires are there and where are they connected to?
There should be one connected to the hot wire of the pickup, 2 joined together and the last one attached to the ground wire of the pickup.
Yep, just checked it and they're exactly as you explained. Just not getting a reading of a circuit from one end to the other... I'll check all the joints
Just peeled back some tape to find that the coil to ground connection wasn't even soldered! Not like Gibson to be so sloppy.... I've soldered it and gotten a circuit I'm yet to throw it in my guitar though, I'll have to re-wax the whole thing first. Thanks!