Hi guys.
Yesterday I attempted to upload a cover of me playing the bass line of Hump de Bump by RHCP, but the bastards at WMG took it down. So I tried for hours to adjust the sound lvls and quality so it wouldn't get noticed in the sound recognition program at YouTube.

I managed to upload it, but the sound quality isn't the best ever, since I had to download a drum- and vocal less backing track and put it on top of the original track, whereafter I added the covered bass track.

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhsJWDWnyIQ

The bass is a Sterling by MusicMan Ray34 Silverburst with a brand new set of strings.
Please thumbs it, either up or down will do, and comment on anything I need to improve/change in my style and tone.

Any feedback is good feedback (: