Very chaotic and horrible recording quality. But, nice ideas.

I would:

- Practice the solo more before recording.
- Give it time to "breathe" when playing, that will make it easier for the ear.
- Get some better recording gear.
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You have alot of good ideas in there but some parts of it sounds like you're trying to whip out your dick too much.

Id have to hear it with the rest of the song i.e. drums and bass to tell you how i really feel about it all, i really dug the intro Spanish style riff, the middle part was boring and repetitive.

A solo is supposed to be like a conversation between the guitar and the listener. Imagine what it would be like to be talking to someone that shouts the same thing loudly over and over. You see what i'm saying. You can really only pull that off if it fits with the rest of the song. And you're doing it to express some deep emotion, either paain or anger etc.

At least thats how i understand it, and those are the solos that stand out the most to me.
IMO it's very very repetitive.

I think, you should work on phrasing alot. I like how Tim put it. Let it breathe, and my ears too please! :-)

I think you could do much better, don't try to be insanely fast without being melodic first it just gets boring.

And yeah your recording gear needs some work it's very, muddy.
Yeah, it's a bit like warming up before the actual solo or presentation. But I heard a Pageism in there I thought was pretty cool. A Song Remains the Same "Dazed" and "Heartbreaker" lick or two.

I agree melody should always come before speed.
Sorry but the absolute truth is this was really poor. The whole thing sounds like an amateur hitting random notes. There wasn't one part in the entire 8 minutes that sounded good. Everything needs improvement from your bends, vibrato to your actual picking and fretting technique.

All I can recommend is that you practice.

People can give you the best advice ever for writing solos, but you need to practice actually playing guitar more before trying to write some huge freebird length solo.
Learn other people's solos. Get experience through them. It'll help you in your playing and writing and will be a good area to work with until you develop your own personal style and sound.
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