The tone that I dialed in is used for riff based technical metal. I love the Tight bottom end of a Marshall tone, but the highs fall a little too thin for me. If I had a pickup that was slanted so that the low E string was closer to the bridge than the high E string how much of a difference in the highs might I expect?
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Have you tried mucking around with the height of the pickup?
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It won't make that much of a difference really. Adjusting the height of the pickup definitely does more to increase or decrease clarity. Pickup psotion changes are clear when you're moving between the broad neck, middle and bridge psotions but angling a pickup only shifts part of it less than half an inch, that doesn't actually do that much. It's especially pointless at the bridge postion where string vibration is minimal. Angling can make more of a difference at the neck position but even then pickup type and height matters more.

If you want the lower strings to remain clear but make the higher strings less shrill, raise the pickup under the high E and lower it a little under the low E. Then remember to roll off the treble on your EQ a little bit, or roll back the presence control if your amp has one of those.
also i don't think you can get slanted humbuckers, they'd need more width to cover the width of the strings.
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Don't they make stacked single coil pick ups that are actually humbuckers?

They do, yeah, most of DiMarzio's single coil-sized pickups are actually single-sized buckers and Duncan makes some but I'm not too familiar with their line(the Hot/Cool Rails are single-sized buckers, as are the YJM Furies, but I don't know any others). But I don't think they sound very different than a bucker even tilted, since they cover pretty much the same area as a bucker would.
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i think he's talking about a slanted pickups when you look from the neck down. so past the fretboard.
somethign said in the first reactions should solve it pickup height on the high e side.