So would you swap your Orange Rocker 30 combo for a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602 60w Combo?

I want an amp with an effects loop so that I can use time based effects after the preamp distortion. So the Orange (although perfect in the distortion/overdrive department) isn't working for me.

I found a guy who wants to swap that tsl for something else and I want to know if this is a fair trade if we go through with it? They say that the Rocker 30 is appreciating in value because it has been discontinued and people like the tone.

What does UG think?
dont do it cuz u cant get orange one cuz its discontinued but u can always buy the marshall
Perhaps save a bit of cash, sell the Rocker 30 and get a Rockerverb 50, that has an effects loop and it's tone is basically the same as the 30.
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I like the idea of saving for the rockverb but where I live you cant get hold of orange amps unless you import. It just seemed like this trade would make my problem go away fast but if its a dumb swap then I suppose I should go about it differently.

What do you guys think of that Marshall though? I haven't found a lot of reviews on it.
If I were you I would just hold on to the Rocker 30
but thats just cause I prefer Orange over Marshall tonewise
I guess you have to ask yourself if delay is worth all the trouble
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Both pretty bland amps. I wouldn't make that trade.
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Ok so I'm fairly convinced that its not a good idea to swap. So if I were to sell my Rocker 30 what would you recommend to replace it?

1) Something with similar tone - especially the distortion and heavier overdrives it produces. It does not need to be a metal type amp...
2) a combo, 1x12 preferably
3) have an effects loop.
4) not by orange - because where I live there is no Orange dealer.
have you looked into having an effects loop modded into it? It shouldn't be all that much.
Horrible trade.
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FJA mods will put in an effects loop i believe
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what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
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yeah, putting a loop in it would be first prize. I live in South Africa so unless someone has a way to get me a schematic so I can do it myself.... moding it with a loop won't work.

So what are some comparable amps to look into?

i used to have a schem for it when i planned on doing it to mine. not sure where it went though..