My one year old son got a hold of my headphone cable and broke it. Fortunately AKG headphones sell replacement cables. I searched google for a new cable and found one on Sweetwater's site. I had never bought anything from this company, but had heard of them in the past. The next day I get home from work and have a message from the company, a person personally thanking me for the order and supplying me with an order #. My first reaction was that this was a small company trying to stand out. I get the cable a few days later and in the box was a couple tootsie rolls and sweet tarts that I gave to my daughter. A couple of days after that I receive a personal call from this company making sure I receive the cable and that I was happy with it. I have never had this from any other online company I have bought something from. As a person that runs a business I acknowledged this and will probably buy from them again. I am just surprised that the effort they went through for a $30 dollar order. I felt like one of their biggest customers.
I in no way work for this company or have any ties to them. I am just sharing my experience and If there is a way to some how prove this I will
That is actually quite astonishing. I've never had anything near that kind of customer care and I order online all the time, nice to hear though.
They do work harder for their money. I have yet to buy anything from them, but I've received phone calls from them after entering their monthly contest. I typically order from Musician's Friend, who has never called me back after placing an order.
I bought a few things from Sweetwater and they are topnotch. I bought a Fender Gdec Jr there and in a few months the amp quit working. I called them and they sent me a return no. and another amp before I even sent the amp back. All expenses paid except for the packing because I did not have the original box.
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Quote by sethp
you gave your child candy that came from a complete stranger?

Yeah that surprised me too.
Sweetwater is the best. Your story is pretty much how they work.

I have seen people bitch that they call to follow up - but I have been buying from the same guy for maybe 10 years and they go above and beyond. Once, they helped me with an out of warranty item that wouldn't work with the (then brand new) intel macs. They helped me out a ton.

I actually have a new ProTools HD interface coming from them this week
Last time I bought from them was the Bogner Alchemist 112 combo and their price matched some of the other sites ( the lowest) plus extended warranty and tech support for free. No one matched that.

I do appreciate their followup calls and we'd talk about stuff. It's person to person and you don't get much of that when it comes to business.
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Quote by sethp
you gave your child candy that came from a complete stranger?

I was quite surprised as well by this.
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you gave your child candy that came from a complete stranger?

They aren't going to poison the candy, lol.
If my kid goes trick or treating and gets sweet tarts I am going to let them have them. I guess I am just not that cynical and don't think that someone would go through the effort to unwrap poison, and re wrap sweet tarts exactly as they were. I didn't give her the tootsie rolls because I didn't think she would be able to chew them
I've always heard they were good like that. I've never bought there but will consider it next time if they match the lowest price.

Also I'd probably give the candy to them too, a sealed package from a reputable business is a safe bet IMO.
Quote by sethp
you gave your child candy that came from a complete stranger?

your right he should have pulled a gun out and blasted that candy away the second he saw it in the box
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"Hello sir, did you receive the package you purchased from us? Good good, I'm pleased to know your package arrived."

*unwraps candy and adds potassium cyanide*

Sweetwater where great!

I live in South Africa and bought some studio gear from sweetwater while I was Miami. Quick delivery, everything seemed great. Once I got the gear back to SA there was an issue with one of the units. I diddnt get time to test them before leaving the US. So I phoned up their customer service, the unit got sent back, they even paid for shipping from SA. A couple weeks later I got a working unit delivered and sure enough, in the box they included a packet of sweets and a couple of audio magazines. What a great company to order from. I was very impressed.

Oh. And no, I diddnt eat the candy.
How is that any different from trick or treating at halloween? I would sooner trust a reputable business than complete strangers...
I have had a good experience with them as well. When I ordered a toneport a few years back I got several calls about the item making sure I was happy with it and understood how to use it. They also threw in a few 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapters with my purchase. (for headphones). Great customer service.
I concur...Sweetwater's customer service is world class.
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Here was me thinking the employee probably just got lucky the night before hehe.

Havent heard much about in since im in UK, proguitarshop ive heard good things about tho for shipping to europe.
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dude their customer service is ****in AMAZING. i got a personal call thanking me for my order and a handful of candies also, that was awesome.
all i ordered was a $3 bottle of fretboard oil

I dont know if their business is really lacking and theyre trying to get as many people on board with their website, but damn, im definitely going to order from them again
Sweetwater called me after I signed up for a microphone sweepstakes. I didn't win anything, but they called just to thank me for my entry, and asked if I had any questions about guitars, recording, etc... The guy on the phone even asked what I played and what genres I played.

Sweetwater has had all my business since. I love the small-company feel they give.
When I ordered from them, they told me on the phone that they had my guitar in stock, I ordered it minutes later, and it said it shipped. About three hours later I get a call saying that it's out of stock. That was the last time I ordered from them.
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You know what, I wouldn't call this good service. I don't like it when people call my house unnecessarily. If I hadn't called them first to complain, they have no business calling me.

Edit: I mean seriously, what the hell? I'm a busy person, and even listening to a voice message is irritating when it's something of no consequence. It's a damn business. Give me what I ordered and leave me the hell alone. I haven't the time nor inclination to speak to someone I care nothing about on matters that shouldn't concern them.
Sincerely, Chad.
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